Bax and His Bubbles

All About A Kid and His Thoughts

Thoughts can be difficult to navigate at any age. Offering loving guidance to children as they sort through their thoughts empowers them to choose well in what they say and do. Bax and His Bubbles introduces children to a simple method for choosing which thoughts to keep and which to release. It is an inspirational resource for educators and families. This delightfully illustrated story fosters healthy thinking habits, as children enjoy reading it together with grown-ups time and time again.

About the Author

Dr. Sonia E. Amin

Sonia Amin is a pharmacist, speaker, and children’s book author.  She is passionate about helping others live healthy lives and believes being healthy is not just about physical well-being.  For many years now, it has been her dream to write a children’s book.  Seeing the impact books have made on her children, combined with the benefits of choosing to be intentional with her own thought patterns, inspired her to write Bax and His Bubbles.